June De Vaus

Eltham Psychology



June began working in the area 30 years ago. She graduated from La Trobe University with a doctorate in Psychology in 1981, after winning the University Medal for her Honours year. She then became a member of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists. For many years she specialised in treating mothers having difficulties establishing rewarding relationships with their children.

She published Mothers Growing Up with Allen and Unwin in 1991 as a result of her work. She then went on to specialise in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, severe depression and anxiety, and childhood anxiety. She became a visiting consultant at the Melbourne Clinic and was responsible for the psychological management of complex problems in inpatients.

For the last seven years June has held an adjunct senior research fellow position at the University of Queensland, researching risks of developing mental illness across cultures. You can read about her work on http://www.thefitmind.com or find her book, The Fit Mind, in all major e bookstores, including www.Amazon.com

De Vaus, J., Hornsey, M,J., Kuppens, P. and Bastian, B., (2016).  Exploring the East West Divide in Prevalence of Affective Disorder: A case for cultural differences in coping with negative emotion. Personality and Social Psychology Review 22(3), 285-304.