Psychology is often seen as expensive. However, unlike medical specialists, psychologists see only one person per hour. Every case requires collaboration with your referring general practitioner. The Australian Psychological Society sets fees to cover practice costs which are usually significant. Your psychologist has approximately 6 to 8 years of training to provide you with these services.

Eltham Psychology Clinic has always operated with lower fees than the recommended rate, and we do this to provide the best and most affordable care we can. We do not bulk bill, and we do not offer any other discounts. It is important to weigh up the costs of treatment, with the costs of not undertaking the treatment. Good psychological health and healthy relationships are a vital part of life. Among other things, psychological treatment can:

  • Prevent relationship breakdown
  • Assist amicable separations
  • Diagnose learning disabilities early
  • Treat mood disorders
  • Increase the effectiveness of medical care for chronic illness

The outlay on psychology fees can prevent vastly more money being spent as a result of poor outcomes in all these areas.

Group sessions

Small group sessions are run where possible to help keep costs to clients as low as possible. Groups are only run when enough clients are available at given times to run groups effectively. These do not take the place of individual sessions completely, but can reduce the number of individual sessions needed.