Eltham Psychology Clinic has a long history of providing support for GP’s . We do this in a number of ways.

Eltham Psychology Clinic provides RACGP accredited CPD in the form of small group learning for local GP’s. These SGL’s are focussed on mental health issues and attract category one and category two points. GP’s can request to join a small group learning to pursue interests in mental health. All enquiries need to be directed to Dr June de Vaus via the clinic. If you are interested it is best to discuss this with your colleagues as our current group is complete and in order to begin a new group we need as minimum of four to six committed GP’s. Groups meet every two months over each triennium, at Eltham Psychology clinic, on an evening suitable for the GP’s concerned.

The clinic provides psychologists to facilitate the small group learning in conjunction with interested GP’s.

All psychologists at the clinic are available to discuss ongoing cases or to speak to a GP who has any other concerns about psychological management in their practice. If necessary, a psychologist can visit you in your practice to speak to yourself or your patient. All treatment however, is conducted at Eltham Psychology Clinic.