• The psychologist will make me feel better.

The goal of seeing a psychologist is to be healthier and as a result feel better about yourself and your life. However, in order to get better, people often have to talk through very difficult feelings and experiences. Treatment involves some emotional discomfort.

  • A psychologist can help me achieve what I want

Psychologists help you set goals that are achievable. Sometimes you can achieve what you want. Sometimes you are helped to see what is possible and what you need to give up.

  • A psychologist can make me feel happy

Humans feel happy sometimes and sad sometimes  and they also feel a lot of other emotions. Psychology helps you manage a normal range of emotions.

  • Psychologists fix the problem.

Psychologists help you fix the problem. This can be challenging, but you get our help.

  • The psychologist should agree with me.

Psychologists are there to give you their opinion and their expertise. 
They will not always agree with you, but they will give you careful explanations of their opinions.